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PrimaMat™ Yellow Ground Protection Mats 4’x8’

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Save time and money with 4'x8' yellow ground protection mats from PrimaMat. These ground mats will keep your equipment and staff safe and protect the ground from damage.

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Our track mats take the worry out of dealing with wet, uneven ground. Keep your equipment from getting stuck in the mud and provide safe footing for your team. PrimaMat ground mats are made of 100% recycled polyethylene, so they resist fractures, abrasions, impacts and weathering. They work equally well on grass, soil, asphalt, concrete and other surfaces, eliminating restoration costs. 

A cost-effective alternative to plywood, our ground protection mats provide a slip-resistant surface to work on. They're also an excellent alternative for spaces with high-volume foot traffic. 

Equipped with convenient handholds, these ground mats are lightweight and easy for one person to maneuver. No need for cranes or heavy equipment to move the mats in place. 

Dimensions: 4’x8’

Thickness: 0.75”

Weight: 94 lbs

Handles: 6

Load Bearing: 50 - 70 tons

Texture: Anti-Slip Top/ Strong Grip Bottom

Connectors: Yes

Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mats Designed for Your Needs

If you're looking for durable ground protection mats, 4'x8' mats from PrimaMat are the way to go. Engineered to safeguard nearly any surface, our ground mats shield everything from soil and grass to concrete and asphalt. These mats cut down on the need for costly repairs and lay down a reliable base, preventing equipment from bogging down and keeping workers safe. Their adaptable design molds to the ground's shape, offering firm footing even on slopes and uneven terrain. Built to last, these mats promise enduring performance, ready to support numerous projects time and time again.

Sustainable and Durable Ground Protection Mats From PrimaMat

Our ground protection mats merge eco-friendliness with heavy-duty resilience, made from 100% recycled polyethylene to offer a green solution to your ground protection challenges. Designed to withstand abrasions, weather changes, impacts and cracks, these mats provide a slip-resistant foundation that caters to high-impact areas with heavy machinery or frequent foot traffic. Our 4'x8' ground protection mats boast a durability that makes them a cost-effective substitute for plywood. With resistance to weather-induced wear and chemical damage, they outlast conventional materials, eliminating the need for regular replacements. Their lightweight nature means a single person can manage their installation without heavy machinery, presenting a practical alternative to cumbersome steel options. 

High-Visibility Yellow for Extra Safety

Designed for high visibility, our yellow 4'x8' ground protection mats contribute significantly to workplace safety. We back all our products with a commitment to safeguard your crew and equipment. The mats' strong-grip underside ensures they stay in place, no matter what the terrain. Their flexible ability to conform to uneven ground keeps the mats from moving. Plus, the mats' anti-slip top side provides even footing for workers and a sturdy platform for machinery.

Ground Protection Mats for the Applications That Matter Most

When you want dependable ground protection mats, our 4'x8' models provide all the durability and versatility you could ask for. Whether used indoors or outdoors, our mats deliver crucial protection for all kinds of surfaces. They're the go-to choice for leaders in industries like:

  • Construction
  • Event planning
  • Excavation
  • Funerals
  • Infrastructure
  • Landscaping
  • Facility maintenance

Engineered for Durability

We designed our ground protection mats to protect the ground with load-bearing capabilities of up to 70 tons.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yellow 4'x8' Ground Protection Mats

The $425.7 million ground protection mat market can be confusing, and it's natural to have questions about 4'x8' ground protection mats. PrimaMat has the answers you need. Read on for additional details.

Are Your Yellow Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mats Double-Sided?

Yes, our yellow heavy-duty ground protection mats have a slip-resistant top and a strong-grip bottom.

How Do the Mats Connect to Each Other?

We offer sturdy steel connectors that slide into the handles of the mats, securing them to each other.

Are the Mats Easy to Maintain?

Minimal cleaning and maintenance are required for our mats. Hosing them down with water will remove dirt and debris. Because they resist weathering and other adverse conditions, our mats perform over the long haul with little need for maintenance.

Purchase Yellow 4'x8' Ground Protection Mats From PrimaMat

Our yellow 4'x8' ground protection mats offer everything you want — proven durability, outstanding ground protection and security for your machinery and staff. Put your mind at ease and order PrimaMat mats today.

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