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Temporary Ground Cover

When you need to get the job done but ground protection is a primary concern, temporary ground cover from PrimaMat comes to the rescue. The ideal combination of durability and performance, our temporary ground protection mats provide a stable platform for equipment and personnel, all while protecting the terrain underneath.

Safeguard Your Site With Temporary Ground Protection Mats

Navigate the most challenging terrains easily using PrimaMat's temporary ground protection mats. These robust and versatile mats are perfect for any outdoor project or event. Crafted from durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they provide a reliable and sturdy surface over any type of ground. Say goodbye to concerns about sinking equipment or damaged landscapes. Our mats effortlessly adapt to various environments, offering a secure foundation for machinery and staff. Their protective nature ensures the preservation of the underlying ground, safeguarding it from wear and tear. Our ground cover products work well as temporary road mats, ideal for a range of applications. Lightweight and straightforward to handle, they make installation a breeze without heavy lifting equipment.

  • Superior Corrosion resistance

    Our mats are impervious to rust, impacts, chemicals, frost and UV rays.

  • Outstanding ease of use

    We designed our mats to be handled by one person without extra equipment.

Ensuring Dependable Ground Safety

PrimaMat's Temporary Ground Protection Mats: A Fusion of Strength and Practicality

Our temporary ground cover redefines the landscape of on-site ground protection. PrimaMat specifically designs these temporary ground protection mats to spread the load of heavy equipment and foot traffic evenly, which is crucial for preserving the integrity of delicate or unstable surfaces. Despite its impressive lightweight design, tipping the scales at less than 100 pounds, each mat boasts a formidable load capacity of up to 70 tons. Whether used as a temporary road mat or work platform, they stand out for their outstanding benefits:

  • Excellent Endurance

    Unlike traditional plywood, these mats are durable and ready to withstand rigorous use.

  • Effortless Handling

    Their lightweight nature makes them more manageable than bulkier options, streamlining operations.

  • Cost-Effective Transport

    The reduced weight of these mats translates into lower transportation expenses.

  • Practical Design

    Integrated handles enhance ease of use, simplifying deployment and repositioning.

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Temporary Ground Cover for Superior Results

You get the best of both worlds when you order temporary ground cover from PrimaMat. Our products are equally suitable for temporary road matting, work platforms or ground protection for events. Our mats offer outstanding resistance to:

  • Impacts and splintering
  • Rust and corrosion
  • UV rays
  • Cold temperatures

Landscaping Ground Protection Mats, Easy to Maneuver and Install!

For any project requiring temporary ground protection, our mats offer the perfect solution. Durable, easy to install, and designed to protect against damage, they are ideal for construction, events, and any situation where the ground needs to be preserved.

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Top 6 Ways Mats Outperform Plywood

Still using plywood? We're here to solve that problem and save you money! Our mats are a great alternative as they hold up much better in rough weather conditions, as well as last you years and years compared to plywood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Temporary Ground Cover

As a trusted supplier in the $1.3 trillion global construction materials market, PrimaMat is poised to provide the information you need about temporary ground cover. Read the following questions for the answers you've been looking for.

What Are Temporary Ground Protection Mats Made Of?

We manufacture our temporary ground protection mats from 100% recycled HDPE.

What Size Are Temporary Ground Cover Mats?

PrimaMat offers temporary ground cover mats in three sizes:

  • 3' by 8'
  • 4' by 8'
  • 40" by 10'

Are Your Mats Suitable for Sloped Terrain?

Our temporary ground protection mats work well on uneven and sloped terrain.

Purchase Temporary Ground Cover From PrimaMat

Don't let uneven terrain or ground damage hinder the success of your project or event. Choose PrimaMat's temporary ground cover for a reliable, cost-effective solution. Experience the difference in durability, ease of handling and cost savings represented by our temporary ground protection mats. Browse our collection and take advantage of everything we offer.

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Protection You Can See

Witness how PrimaMat's temporary ground cover stands up to the toughest loads, all while protecting the ground underneath.

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