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PrimaMat™ Double-Sided 3'X8' Ground Protection Mats

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Our double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats safeguard the landscape and your crew and equipment. They're a cost-effective alternative for preventing damage.

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Get the protection you need with PrimatMat ground mats. Our products keep the ground, grass, asphalt and more in good condition, so you don't have to worry about restoration costs. Our ground protection mats create a sturdy foundation for your crews and equipment to work on. The mats' slip-resistant surface ensures safety and dependability.

Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, PrimaMat ground mats are extraordinarily durable, resisting weathering, fractures, abrasions and impacts. They're a cost-effective alternative to plywood, which doesn't hold up as well to rough conditions. 

Our ground protection mats are a breeze to assemble. They're lightweight and easy for one person to install, eliminating the need for heavy lifting equipment. 

Dimensions: 3’x8’

Thickness: 0.75”

Weight: 65 lbs

Handles: 6

Load Bearing: 50 - 70 tons

Texture: Anti-Slip Top/ Strong Grip Bottom

Connectors: Yes

Double-Sided 3'x8' Ground Protection Mats for Added Safety

PrimaMat double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats provide an edge against worker accidents and mired machinery. Their slip-resistant surface pairs with a strong grip bottom to keep workers and equipment safe. These ground mats provide unprecedented stability on uneven and sloped terrain. Flexible yet sturdy, they create a solid base for your equipment and team. You can rely on our ground mats for protection under the toughest working conditions. 

Durable Ground Mats for the Long Haul

Our ground mats exhibit exceptional endurance against wear and tear, including weather elements, cracks, chemicals and impacts. They're also UV-resistant and frost-proof, providing year-round protection. PrimaMat's 100% recycled polyethylene mats offer an efficient alternative to plywood, which is less resilient in harsh conditions. Our products' durability provides long-term cost advantages over plywood, which splinters and rots. Our double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats are more economical and easier to handle than heavier, pricier steel options.

Easy-to-Assemble Ground Protection Mats

With our double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats, assembly and installation are a snap. Conveniently located handles make them easy to carry, and their light weight means your team doesn't have to strain to put them in place. After the mats are situated, sturdy steel connectors lock into the handles to fasten them together, forming one continuous base.

Versatile Ground Mats for Every Requirement

Our ground mats are an excellent choice for protecting various surfaces,  such as cobblestones, soft earth, grass, asphalt, and indoor flooring. Whatever your project, our durable double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats prevent damage and safeguard workers and guests. Customers who rely on our mats include:

  • Construction companies
  • Cemeteries
  • Event coordinators
  • Infrastructure firms
  • Facility managers
  • Excavation companies
  • Landscaping planners

Safety First with Double-Sided 3'x8' Ground Protection Mats

PrimaMat's double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats keep your workers and equipment safe. Their strong-grip bottom sticks securely to any surface, including uneven terrain and slopes. And you can depend on their slip-resistant top to provide a firm base for your team. At a flexible 0.75" thickness, the mats conform to any landscape, creating a sturdy work surface regardless of the ground below. When you need durable, reliable protection, you need PrimaMat.

See PrimaMat's Durability and Versatility in Action

Learn how our double-sided ground protection mats stand up to heavy use and prevent damage to the soil underneath.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Double-Sided 3'x8' Ground Protection Mats

As a significant player in the $425.7 million ground protection mat market, PrimaMat is well-positioned to answer your questions about double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats. Read on to learn more.

What Are the Main Benefits of Double-Sided 3'x8' Ground Protection Mats?

Double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats offer a durable and stable surface for construction and event sites, preventing equipment from getting stuck and protecting the ground from damage. Their double-sided design ensures they can be used on various terrains.

How Do You Connect the Mats?

The mats feature easy-to-use connection points securely fastened together, creating a continuous, stable surface. Strong steel connectors slide into the pre-designed handholds at the edges of the mats, ensuring they stay in place even under heavy loads or in dynamic work environments.

Are the Ground Protection Mats Environmentally Friendly?

Our double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats are made from 100% recycled polyethylene, making them an environmentally responsible choice. Using recycled materials promotes sustainability and reduces waste while providing high durability and ground protection.

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Our double-sided 3'x8' ground protection mats deliver all the durability and reliability you expect from an industry leader. Purchase yours today and experience everything PrimaMat has to offer.

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