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Event Parking Grass Mats

Uneven ground can present a significant hazard at festivals, fairs and other events. It poses a risk for both vehicular and foot traffic. Our grass mats for heavy foot traffic and are the ideal solution for rough, muddy terrain. PrimaMat's durable provide an anti-slip surface for the safety and security you want at your event.

High-Traffic Grass Mats That Deliver Proven Protection

Our high-traffic grass mats protect the land, as well as your event attendees and their vehicles. These mats ensure the grass is shielded from heavy traffic and prevent the ground from being torn up. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, they're engineered for a high-traffic grass mats quick and hassle-free setup. Our straightforward connectors ensure a secure fit, providing a stable surface in no time. And when the event wraps up, disassembling is just as swift, leaving the property in pristine condition. You can rely on our grass mats for heavy foot traffic and event parking grass mats to get the job done.

  • Ideal for year-round use

    PrimaMat's high-traffic grass mats resist UV rays and frost, so they're perfect whether you hold events in the summer or the winter.

  • Designed for maneuverability

    With conveniently placed handholds, our mats are lightweight and don't require heavy equipment for installation.

Designed for a Wide Range of Applications

High-Traffic Grass Mats With Versatility Built In

Be it a local fair, a music festival or a major exhibition, the need for a reliable ground protection solution remains constant. PrimaMat's high-traffic grass mats are up to the task, providing a sturdy foundation for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. They cater to different event scales, ensuring attendees enjoy a mud-free experience while their vehicles find a solid footing. Our mats resist:

  • Fractures

    Our mats are built for heavy-duty use.

  • Impacts

    Unlike plywood, our mats won't splinter.

  • UV Rays

    Sun exposure doesn't affect our mats.

  • Oils and Grease

    Vehicles pose no hazards for PrimaMats.

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High-Traffic Grass Mats Designed for Your Needs

Whether you want , wedding or other big event, PrimaMat has a solution that's right for you. Our event parking grass mats provide greater durability than plywood mats and more maneuverability than steel mats. You can order them in the size that works best for your event:

We offer:
  • 3’-by-8’ mats
  • 4’-by-8’ black matting
  • 4’-by-8’ yellow matting
  • 40”-by-10’ mats

Frequently Asked Questions About Event Parking Grass Mats

The global events planning market, valued at $1.1 trillion, is vast, and it can be hard to know who to trust. But PrimaMat is here with answers to your questions about event parking grass mats. Read the following for more details, and feel free to contact us for additional information.

Do Grass Protection Mats Work?

PrimaMat's grass mats for heavy foot traffic and event parking grass mats do a greatjob protecting grass.

How Do I Protect My Grass From Foot Traffic?

You can protect your grass from foot traffic by using our grass mats for heavy foot traffic. They're lightweight and easy to install.

What Are High-Traffic Grass Mats Made Of?

Our high-traffic grass mats are made of durable, 100% recycled plastic

Order Event Parking Grass Mats From PrimaMat

You can depend on grass mats for heavy foot traffic and event parking grass mats from PrimaMat for the protection you need at your event. They're rigid enough to
withstand heavy-duty use yet flexible enough to conform to the ground's contours. Plus, you can't beat their durability. Shop now for the high-traffic grass mats you want.

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Our construction mats are engineered to handle heavy-duty use on varied terrains.

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