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Road Mats for Heavy Equipment

In construction and facility management, road mats are indispensable for preserving underlying surfaces from damage caused by heavy machinery. PrimaMat plastic road mats offer an innovative solution to withstand heavy equipment and frequent traffic. Our plastic temporary road mats provide a stable and durable platform, ensuring safe and efficient access for workers while protecting the terrain underneath.

Road Mats to Maximize Your Operational Efficiency

Road mats are critical for facility managers, ground staff and construction managers who require protection for soft and sensitive grounds. They prevent heavy machinery and vehicles from sinking or causing ruts, ensuring operational efficiency and site safety. Additionally, road mats for heavy equipment protect the natural landscape from damage, reducing the need for costly repairs and restoration post-project. By deploying PrimaMat plastic road access mats, facilities can maintain continuity in their operations, even in challenging environmental conditions.

  • Engineered for Longevity

    PrimaMat plastic road mats are engineered with advanced materials that inherently resist rot, rust and corrosion, ensuring long-standing reliability even in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Effortless Installation

    Our road mats feature an intuitive design that simplifies placement, making them accessible for teams without requiring specialized equipment.

Providing Proven Protection

Experience the Benefits of Road Mats for Your Site

Road mats for heavy equipment are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of construction and industrial sites. These mats provide a stable and secure platform, ensuring safety and efficiency during operations. Their design incorporates several key features that make them indispensable in challenging work environments:

  • High Load-Bearing Capacity

    Capable of supporting heavy machinery and equipment up to 70 tons without buckling or breaking.

  • Slip-Resistant Surface

    Enhanced grip to prevent slippage, ensuring safety for machinery and operators.

  • Weather-Resistant Material

    Suitable for various climatic conditions, resisting degradation from moisture, UV rays and temperature extremes.

  • Eco-Friendly Composition

    Made from 100% recycled materials, offering a sustainable option without compromising on strength.

  • Lightweight Design

    Easy to transport and position on-site.

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Find Your Perfect Fit

Our selection of plastic temporary road mats is available in three sizes to improve your team's safety across all site conditions. Regardless of your project's scale or machinery size, we have plastic road mats suitable for your job site. You can choose between:

  • 3’-by-8' Road Mats
  • 4’-by-8' Road Mats
  • 40"-by-10' Road Mats

We also carry 4’-by-8 plastic road access mats in yellow to provide enhanced visibility when needed. These road mats are handy in busy or low-visibility areas, helping prevent accidents and guiding machinery and personnel.

Top 6 Ways Mats Outperform Plywood

Still using plywood? We're here to solve that problem and save you money! Our mats are a great alternative as they hold up much better in rough weather conditions, as well as last you years and years compared to plywood.

Frequently Asked Questions: Road Mats for Heavy Equipment

If you have questions or would like to learn more about road mats for heavy equipment, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What Materials Are Road Mats Made From?

Our road mats for heavy equipment are constructed from durable, 100% recycled polyethylene, renowned for its strength and adaptability. This material ensures road mats can withstand heavy loads while maintaining flexibility.

Can Plastic Road Mats Be Used on Uneven Terrain?

Absolutely. Our plastic road mats are flexible enough to adapt to uneven terrain, providing a stable surface over areas that might otherwise be inaccessible due to soft or irregular ground conditions.

How Do Plastic Temporary Road Mats Protect the Ground?

By evenly distributing the weight of heavy machinery and vehicles, plastic temporary road mats prevent the formation of ruts and impressions, safeguarding the underlying ground from damage and potentially costly repairs.

Secure Your Site with PrimaMat Road Mats

Keep ground damage from disrupting your operations. Choose PrimaMat's durable and eco-friendly road mats to ensure your site remains safe, accessible and cost-efficient. With our range of sizes and the unbeatable strength of our products, you're investing in reliability and performance. Shop our selection today to find the perfect road mat solution.

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