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Excavator Mats

Excavators are necessary equipment for many projects, although their effect on the grass and surrounding terrain can be hard to deal with. But with excavator mats from PrimaMat, you can say good-bye to ground damage. Our durable excavator track mats protect the grass and underlying soil day in and day out. When you want first-class ground protection, you want PrimaMat.

Excavator Mats That Provide a Secure Platform

PrimaMat excavator mats deliver unmatched stability and protection. Engineered to sustain the heavy load and dynamic forces of excavators, these mats safeguard the ground beneath from damage, ensuring the landscape remains untouched. Our excavator track mats are the backbone of efficient and responsible digging projects, offering a firm footing for machinery and operators alike. They reduce the risk of sinking or sliding, even in the most challenging conditions. We design our lightweight yet robust excavator mats for quick deployment and retrieval. Ideal for a variety of excavation environments, they are your go-to solution for maintaining integrity and safety on site.

  • Enduring Durability

    We build our mats to resist the harsh impacts of digging, weathering, UV exposure and chemical exposure.

  • Ease of Use

    Our excavator mats are designed for simple, tool-free installation, making them a practical choice for fast-paced projects.

Support Across All Terrains

Excavator Mats: Engineered for Stability and Efficiency

Like our construction mats and heavy equipment mats, PrimaMat excavator mats withstand year-round use. Designed to distribute the heavy loads of excavators and reduce the pressure on underlying surfaces, these mats are indispensable for any excavation site. Their composition allows for the support of significant weight, ensuring that even the most intensive digging does not compromise the site's integrity. Highlights of PrimaMat's excavator mats include:

  • Resilience

    Crafted to outperform traditional mat materials, our excavator mats guarantee extended service life.

  • Simplicity in Deployment

    Their design prioritizes ease of handling over the bulkiness found in conventional mats, facilitating quick setup.

  • Featherweight Construction

    Manufactured to be lightweight, they slash transport costs and enhance mobility.

  • User-Centric Design

    Features like built-in handles make them straightforward to maneuver and adjust on the fly.

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Excavator Mats That Deliver the Benefits You Need

PrimaMat offers excavator mats for sale that are crafted for unparalleled durability and performance, providing a steadfast, anti-slip foundation for any excavation task. These mats are built to withstand diverse environmental challenges, from moisture-laden soils to intense sun exposure, offering unmatched protection against:

  • Environmental degradation and UV rays
  • Continuous heavy-duty contact
  • Hazardous chemicals and corrosive agents
  • Severe cold and extreme heat conditions

Prima Mat's Durable Ground Protection Mats for Safe Work Settings!

Discover the strength and versatility of our excavator mats, designed to support heavy machinery while protecting the ground below. Ideal for any excavation project, these mats are the key to efficient and safe operations.

Top 6 Ways Mats Outperform Plywood

Still using plywood? We're here to solve that problem and save you money! Our mats are a great alternative as they hold up much better in rough weather conditions, as well as last you years and years compared to plywood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Excavator Mats

The global ground protection mats market is estimated at $425.7 million, and excavator mats are part of that segment. As a leading mat supplier, PrimaMat has information you can trust about excavator track mats. Read the following to learn more.

What Are PrimaMat's Excavator Mats Made Of?

We manufacture our excavator mats using 100% recycled HDPE.

What Sizes of Excavator Mats Are Available?

Excavator mats are available in these dimensions:

  • 3'x8'
  • 4'x8'
  • 40"x10'

Do Excavator Mats Work on Slopes?

Our excavator mats work on all sorts of difficult, uneven terrain, including slopes.

How Heavy are Excavator Mats?

Each PrimaMat excavator mat weighs less than 100 pounds but can bear up to 70 tons of pressure.

Do Ground Protection Mats Work?

Ground protection mats like our excavator mats do an excellent job keeping workers and equipment safe and preventing the terrain from being damaged.

Find Excavator Mats for Sale at PrimaMat

We offer excavator mats for sale that are durable, stable and slip-resistant. Our excavator track mats are designed to withstand the most challenging conditions, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly. With PrimaMat, ground damage, project delays, sunken equipment and additional costs are a thing of the past. Order your PrimatMat excavator mats today!

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See how tough, durable mats from PrimaMat stand up to heavy equipment. We design our mats to handle whatever you throw at them.

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