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Turf Track Mats

Keep projects or special events from wearing down your turf. PrimaMat turf track mats provide all the protection you need for your field or outdoor facility. With our turf mats, ground protection is ensured.

Secure Your Property With PrimaMat Turf Protection Mats

Heavy foot traffic and equipment can run roughshod over your turf. But our turf protection mats safeguard the terrain, offering a durable, reliable defense against wear and tear. You can rely on our mats to resist rust, rot, chemicals and weathering. They provide the protection you want for your turf, day in and day out. Worries are a thing of the past with turf protection matting from PrimaMat. We understand your concerns, and our turf protector mats provide the peace of mind you seek.

  • Unparalleled durability

    Our turf track mats resist UV rays and frost, making them suitable for any season.

  • Simplified handling

    No heavy equipment is required to handle and install our turf protection mats.

Tried and True Protection

PrimaMat's Turf Track Mats: The Perfect Blend of Durability and Flexibility

Whether you're managing heavy equipment or excessive foot traffic, our turf track mats protect grass and delicate terrain from potential damage. Weighing under 100 pounds, each mat maintains a lightweight profile yet supports loads up to 70 tons. Practical, versatile and efficient, our turf protection mats deliver:

  • Superior Longevity

    Engineered to outlast conventional turf protection methods, these mats are built for resilience.

  • Maneuverability

    Their lightweight construction makes our mats easier to handle than heavier, cumbersome alternatives.

  • Cost Savings

    Lighter mats mean reduced shipping costs, adding to their overall efficiency.

  • User-Friendly Features

    These mats are designed with integrated handles, allowing quick and easy placement and adjustment.

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Achieve the Ultimate Ground Protection With PrimaMat Turf Track Mats

Discover the unparalleled efficiency and versatility of PrimaMat's turf track mats. Perfect for various applications, these mats are a testament to innovative design and engineering. What sets our turf protection matting apart is its exceptional resistance to:

  • Wear and tear
  • Weathering
  • Corrosion
  • Heavy loads

Plastic Ground Protection Mats that Deliver the Benefits you Want Most!

Protect your turf with our specialized mats, designed to preserve the integrity of grassy areas under heavy foot traffic or equipment. Ideal for sports fields, golf courses, and landscaped areas, these mats keep your green spaces green.

Top 6 Ways Mats Outperform Plywood

Still using plywood? We're here to solve that problem and save you money! Our mats are a great alternative as they hold up much better in rough weather conditions, as well as last you years and years compared to plywood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turf Track Mats

Valued at $6.5 billion, the turf protection market is vast and sometimes confusing. But PrimaMat is a source of reliable information that you can trust. Read on for the answers you need about turf track mats.

Do Grass Protection Mats Work?

Yes, turf track mats from PrimaMat provide durable protection for the grass underneath.

What Size Are Turf Protection Mats?

PrimaMat offers three sizes of turf protection mats:

  • 3' by 8'
  • 4' by 8'
  • 40" by 10'

What Is Your Turf Protection Matting Made Of?

PrimaMat uses 100% recycled high-density polyethylene to manufacture its turf protection matting.

Order Turf Track Mats From PrimaMat

Ready to safeguard your turf with unmatched protection? Choose PrimaMat's turf track mats today! Keep heavy foot traffic or machinery from compromising your grounds. With our turf protection mats, you'll enjoy superior durability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Click the button below to secure your turf's future with PrimaMat.

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