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PrimaMat™ Double-Sided 4'X8' Ground Protection Mats

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Our double-sided 4'x8' ground protection mats are durable, versatile and reliable. They provide superior ground protection while creating a stable base for your crew and equipment.

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Wet, rough terrain poses no dangers when you use PrimaMat ground protection mats. Designed for a wide range of surfaces, they protect soil, lawns, concrete, asphalt and more. Our ground mats eliminate restoration costs and create a stable foundation, so you don't have to worry about equipment getting stuck or workers getting hurt.

Made of 100% recycled polyethylene, our track mats are as environmentally friendly as they are safe. They also resist abrasions, weathering, impacts and fractures, making them a slip-resistant, long-term solution for your ground protection needs, whether you're dealing with heavy equipment or high-volume pedestrian traffic. 

Thanks to their durability, our plastic mats are an economical alternative to plywood. And, since they're lightweight, you don't need heavy-duty equipment or cranes to maneuver them. One worker can easily move and install our ground mats. 

Dimensions: 4’x8’

Thickness: 0.75”

Weight: 94 lbs

Handles: 6

Load Bearing: 50 - 70 tons

Texture: Anti-Slip Top/ Strong Grip Bottom

Connectors: Yes

Double-Sided 4'x8' Ground Protection Mats for When You Need Them Most

PrimaMat's double-sided 4'x8' ground protection mats make all the difference in keeping your team and gear safe from slipping or getting stuck. They have a no-slip top and a grippy bottom that clings to the ground, making sure everyone and everything stays put. These mats are perfect for all uneven and sloped areas, providing a firm and reliable foundation. No matter how tough the job, you can count on our mats to keep things stable and safe.

Ground Mats Built Tough for the Long Run

Our ground protection mats are more than durable. Frost-proof, they resist moisture, cracking, UV light, chemicals and impacts. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, double-sided 4'x8' ground protection mats are a smart pick over plywood, which is susceptible to moisture and weathering and ends up splintering and rotting away. Our mats also save your wallet and your team's back compared to heavy, costly steel alternatives.

Simplified Set-Up with Double-Sided 4'x8' Ground Protection Mats

Setting up PrimaMat products is straightforward. They have handles in just the right spots, making them easy to carry and lay down. Once the mats are in position, solid steel connectors snap those handles together, locking the mats into a single, sturdy layer. The light weight of our double-sided 4'x8' ground protection mats means installation requires no heavy-duty equipment.

The Go-To Ground Mats for Any Job

Whether you're dealing with soft soil, asphalt or other sensitive surfaces, our double-sided 4'x'8' ground protection mats get the job done. They protect just about any surface against damage while keeping your team or guests on their feet. Our mats are the No. 1 choice for a wide range of customers, including:

  • Construction crews
  • Cemetery caretakers
  • Party planners
  • Infrastructure engineers
  • Building managers
  • Diggers and drillers
  • Landscapers

Double-Sided for Double the Safety

At the heart of PrimaMat's double-sided 4'x8' ground protection mats is a commitment to keeping people and their gear safe. The underside sticks reliably to any ground type, even slopes and uneven terrain, while the top side offers a steady spot to stand or set up shop. With a thickness that adjusts to the lay of the land, these mats ensure a solid working area no matter where you use them. For a solution that's tough and trustworthy, PrimaMat's your best bet.

On-the-Go Toughness

We engineer our ground protection mats to handle heavy-duty equipment while providing critical damage prevention for the soil underneath.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Double-Sided 4'x8' Ground Protection Mats

The $425.7 million ground protection mat market can be challenging to navigate. But PrimaMat is a trusted source, providing the information you need about double-sided 4'x8' ground protection mats. Keep reading to learn more.

Can These Mats Be Used on Uneven Terrain?

These mats are specifically designed to provide a stable work platform on uneven or sloped terrain. The flexibility of the mats allows them to conform to the ground's contours, ensuring a secure and level base for workers and equipment and enhancing safety and efficiency on site.

How Do You Clean and Maintain These Mats?

Cleaning and maintaining the mats is straightforward. They can be hosed down with water to remove any dirt or debris. The mats resist chemical damage and weathering, maintaining their functionality and appearance over time with minimal work.

Are the Mats Easy to Transport and Install?

We built the mats for easy handling and transportation. They are lightweight enough to be carried by a single person, and their integrated handles make lifting and moving the mats simple. The straightforward connection system allows for quick and easy installation, reducing setup times and the need for specialized equipment.

Order Double-Sided 4'x8' Ground Protection Mats From PrimaMat Today

PrimaMat delivers outstanding ground protection and unparalleled security for your crew and machinery with our double-sided 4'x8' ground protection mats. Order yours today and put the PrimaMat advantage to work for you.

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