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High-Traffic Mats

Indoor festivals, parties and other activities can be hard on your facility floors. But a traffic mat from PrimaMat can solve your problems. Our high-traffic mats provide the protection you want from heavy foot traffic, equipment and exhibit stalls. Safeguard your floors with protective mats from PrimaMat.

Traffic Mats that Deliver Performance and Durability

PrimaMat's traffic mats for indoor activities are the ideal solution for protecting facility floors from wear and tear during high-traffic events. These mats are specifically designed to absorb the impact of foot traffic, equipment and other indoor activities, ensuring your floors remain unblemished and in top condition. They provide a firm, non-slip surface, enhancing safety and stability in busy indoor environments. Lightweight yet durable, each PrimaMat high-traffic mat is simple to install and rearrange, making our products perfect for a variety of settings. Their easy-to-connect design makes setting up a protective floor covering quick and efficient. When the activities conclude, the mats can be easily removed, leaving your floors immaculate—Trust PrimaMat to deliver floor protection that combines practicality with performance for all your indoor events.

  • Impact resistant

    Every traffic mat withstands heavy-duty traffic.

  • Easy to use

    One person can maneuver and install our traffic mats.

Reliable Indoor Protection

High-Traffic Mats You Can Trust

PrimaMat high-traffic mats are the ultimate solution for protecting floors during busy indoor activities. These mats are expertly crafted to evenly distribute the stress of foot traffic and equipment, safeguarding your floors from scratches, dents and other types of wear. Despite their lightweight nature, these mats are incredibly strong and capable of bearing significant weight, making them suitable for an array of indoor uses. Key traffic mat features include:

  • Durability

    Crafted from superior materials, these mats exceed the performance of traditional floor protection solutions, ensuring longevity and resilience.

  • Convenience

    Designed to be more user-friendly than bulkier alternatives, they allow quick and easy setup and reconfiguration.

  • Lightweight Design

    Their reduced weight makes them easy to handle and lowers transportation and storage costs.

  • Practicality

    With handles for effortless maneuvering, these mats are simple to place, adjust and remove as needed.

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Transform Your Venue with PrimaMat Traffic Mats

PrimaMat's specialized traffic mat collection is the perfect choice for any indoor event or activity. Tailored to meet the demands of busy, high-traffic environments, these mats offer unparalleled protection for your floors. Whether it's a corporate event, a wedding or a conference, our traffic mats ensure your floors stay pristine under:

  • Constant foot traffic
  • The movement of equipment and furniture
  • Spills and stains from various substances
  • Fluctuating indoor temperatures and conditions

Top 6 Ways Mats Outperform Plywood

Still using plywood? We're here to solve that problem and save you money! Our mats are a great alternative as they hold up much better in rough weather conditions, as well as last you years and years compared to plywood.

Frequently Asked Questions About PrimaMat's Traffic Mat Selection

Valued at $887 billion, the vast events industry can be confusing to navigate. But PrimaMat is always a source of reliable information. Read the following questions to learn more about our traffic mat options.

What Is a PrimaMat Traffic Mat Made Of?

We use 100% recycled plastic to manufacture each traffic mat.

What Traffic Mat Sizes Do You Offer?

Our traffic mat sizes include 3' by 8', 4' by 8' and 40" by 10'. There's a size to suit every need.

Are the Mats Slip-Resistant?

Absolutely. Safety is a top priority, and PrimaMat indoor traffic mats have a slip-resistant surface to ensure stability and prevent accidents during events, making them safe for guests and staff.

Trust Your High-Traffic Mat Needs to PrimaMat

PrimaMat is the go-to source for your high-traffic mat requirements. Our products provide a stable, slip-resistant surface for any indoor venue. You can rely on our mats for the protection your floors need. Shop now and take advantage of everything we offer.

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